South Switzerland and Italy

Gianluca Scarpa is the Managing Director of Chaberton Professionals for Italy and Southern Switzerland.

Gianluca, originally from Salerno and raised in Milan, began his career leading the sports department at the University of Milan before quickly rising through the ranks at an international recruitment firm focused on Finance. His exceptional performance led him from Manager to Senior Manager, and ultimately to Division Head, where he successfully launched the Tax & Legal division.

His expertise broadened as he took charge of Banking & Insurance, Tax & Legal, and HR, focusing on Middle Management. This trajectory expanded into a wider role, incorporating Human Capital Consulting Services.

In October 2018, Gianluca made a pivotal career move by joining Chaberton Partners. Entrusted with the leadership of the Finance, Banking & Insurance divisions for Chaberton Professionals, his contributions also play a vital role in the growth of Chaberton Advisory.  He manages the Chaberton Professionals brand across Italy and Southern Switzerland, directing a diverse team of 100 consultants.

Fluent in Italian and English, Gianluca's bilingual proficiency enhances his cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills.