Our values

Trust, Authenticity, Caring, and Ownership: Chaberton Partners’ Core Values

At Chaberton Partners, our culture is the foundation of our actions.

Our core values deeply influence our work, making a tangible impact every day.

We firmly believe that trust is the only way to build sustainable, long-lasting relationships among humans. And that trust is earned when actions meet words without compromise.
We have built a place where you and I can be ourselves. With genuine connections among us and with our clients and candidates, we nurture our relationships through authentic feedback.
Empathy is part of our identity, as we are sincerely committed to the well-being of everyone we meet. And we are aware of how a single act of kindness and caring can change a person’s life.
Our entrepreneurial mindset sets us apart. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering value in every interaction with clients and candidates.
A Vibrant, Inclusive, and Diverse Culture
Our Human Explorers team includes 65% women from diverse international backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our inclusive workplace culture that emphasizes values and ethics. Flexibility is inherent in our culture, empowering our team to perform at their best, regardless of their location.
Inspiring Change for Women in Leadership
We actively mentor women to overcome obstacles to success. Working with clients, we aim for at least 50% female representation on executive search shortlists, fostering leadership across all genders.
Empowering Leaders for a Sustainable Future
Focusing on people-centered ESG topics, we partner with clients to empower leaders of all genders. Together, we strive for a more inclusive and sustainable future.