Fabian Büsser

As Managing Director based in Switzerland, Fabian Büsser leads recruitment operations for Chaberton Professionals.

With a professional track record spanning over a decade, Fabian is renowned for his passionate approach to management search and talent acquisition, consistently delivering value and forging lasting relationships.

Previously managing operations at a global recruitment firm in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Fabian brings a deep knowledge of employment markets in Switzerland and the DACH region.

Fabian's approach to recruitment is based on a comprehensive understanding of both the organizational and the individual dimensions of recruitment, making him a preferred partner for companies seeking strategic talent acquisition and individuals aspiring to career growth in the Swiss and DACH markets.

Fabian's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology and Economics, as well as advanced studies in Human Resources and Change Management. He is a guest lecturer for MBA students at the university of St Gallen.