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Custom-Made Experience

Excellence & Diversity

We are a team of people with very different levels of seniority, background and expertise, we share a common passion for excellence and we have worked in extremely demanding international settings within our respective fields of specialization. We all have lived and worked in different countries and geographical backgrounds (we speak 7 different languages).

Quality & Agility

Our company can offer the exceptional quality service that only large international companies can provide you, but with the flexibility of a startup. Because of this, we can address each project with a specifically tailored approach, methodology and fee structure that matches the real needs of our clients.

Responsibility & Fun

We are fortunate to be performing a special job, a continuous search and exploration of the most fascinating thing in the world: the human being.

We know that our work has a great impact on people’s lives and organizations, and perform with a great sense of responsibility.

We like to look at life with confidence and positivity and we believe that it is possible to work zealously but without taking ourselves too seriously.

Internationality & Fast Growth

We began as a team of 4 in early 2017 and today we are a team of about 90 experts that grew by adding new Swiss headquarters in Lugano and Zurich as well as the Italian headquarter in Milan. From our offices in Lugano we have conducted research in 14 different countries, we build solid partnerships with over 100 companies ranging from small companies, by aiding their growth, , to large multinational corporations that choose us for our ability to maintain a qualitative approach in the different countries they operate in.

Why Chaberton

We all have our own special places. The ones we bring in our heart wherever we go, often linked to our childhood or special moments in our lives. Those we return to, from time to time to find ourselves, when we feel the need to focus on who we are and where we are going.

Christian Vasino and father, who was a mountain enthusiast, often climbed the mount Chaberton, which represents such a familiar landscape for anyone living in Turin.

In the autumn of 2016, Christian decided to climb it once again.

During that solitary ascent, he was able to focus on one of the many ideas that his mind as a manager and entrepreneur had been considering for some time, which resulted in the launching of Chaberton Partners a few months later.

Since then, every year, in the autumn we all get back there together, and every year there is more of us than the previous. During the five hours tracking, reaching the3130 meters height of the summit, we enjoy a place that has preserved its beauty and we instantly understand how much we have changed.

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