Executive Search

In Chaberton Partners Executive Search represents our main service, created with the purpose of supporting our clients in the search to find the best managers and board members.





We look for the best candidates and we support companies in creating successful teams that produce the highest value for shareholders and all stakeholders.


We create long-term partnerships with our clients, investing all the time necessary to achieve a full understanding of their strategic vision, identity and organizational culture.

No two projects are the same. Therefore, for each search we design an ad hoc strategy, which explores both the relevant sectors and different areas in which to source the required skills and sensitivity. In fact, we are committed to stimulating the reflection of our clients by always presenting “out of the box” candidates, in every project.

We want to be the travelling companions of our partners through all the phases of a search project, aware that the journey can develop over time and by methods that are not always predictable, and sometimes face unexpected events and changes of direction. When we take on a new assignment, we do so in full awareness of every aspect, strongly determined to conclude each project regardless of how much time and resources it may require.

A very delicate part of our work consists in accompanying clients and candidates in the final phase of a project, helping them to ascertain a plan for aligning perspectives.

Consumer Markets

Our team has extensive experience in the consumer sector at an international level, through executive search and executive assessment projects that support different types of companies:

  • Multinational Groups, with whom we work both at Headquarters level and by supporting Country Clusters or local Branches.
  • Business entities committed to international growth and development.
  • Private Equity and Family Offices in operations of valorisation, scale-up or turnaround of small and medium-sized companies.

In the consumer sector, we have particular expertise in Food & Beverages, Home & Personal Care, Cosmetics and Lifestyle (eyewear, accessories, electronics, interior decoration and design).
We are also increasingly collaborating with B2B companies, which are creating centres of excellence in different product categories.

We also support a number of retail companies in different categories in developing an increasingly integrated approach between the different physical and digital distribution channels, as well as in the catering sector which is undergoing a profound transformation on an international scale.

Finally, we have gained diversified experience in the world of Media, Sport, Entertainment, Leisure, Hospitality.

Luxury & Fashion

The world of luxury and fashion is constantly changing and evolving, and increasingly needs dynamic and flexible partners who can accompany companies through a process of research and identification of the candidate most in line with the needs and DNA of each individual environment. Our mission is understanding, sharing and the ability to propose the best available solution. The brands we work with are internationally present and, thanks to our strong expertise and knowledge of the relative market, we are able to attract executives to be employed in the organisational structures of HQ, Region and Operations, creating made-to-measure projects and monitoring the creative professionals and their teams.
Chaberton follows its clients through a significant command of the relevant sector in all organisational areas, with worldwide emphasis.

Real Estate & Debt

A strong specialisation in the real estate and debt segment allows us to have an extensive knowledge of the market, which is strategic in identifying and selecting the best profiles within the main players, offering our clients a high level of quality and technical assessment of the candidates proposed. Interesting and, more and more current, the synthesis of new roles required by the specific market with transversal skills from both backgrounds. Main players: Real Estate & Property Company, SGR, Sim, Sicaf, Sicav, Asset & Facility Management, Private Equity, Family Office, Venture Capital, Credit Servicer, NPL and UTP players.

Industrial & Automotive

In a particularly dynamic sector that has been undergoing profound change for years, our Automotive & Industrial Practice works alongside our clients, contributing to their development and the necessary changes to meet the ongoing challenges of the market.
The industrial sector is characterised by extremely diverse processes and dynamics. With an international team and years of experience, we support automotive and industrial clients across Europe, understanding their unique characteristics and helping them to attract the best talent for both corporate functions and strategic operations roles.
We are constantly engaged in assisting our clients in their internationalisation processes, in their sustainability policies – which are particularly strategic in an industrial environment – and in further strengthening Diversity & Inclusion policies in more technical areas.

Life Sciences

Extensive experience in the Life Sciences space enables us to uniquely add value as trusted and knowledgeable partners to our clients thanks to our in-depth industry-relevant technical and scientific expertise. Whether in the Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device or Diagnostic sector, at senior or mid-level roles, we recruit across the value chain. Our track record ranges from difficult-to-recruit and highly specialised positions to senior-level appointments at a global, regional and country level. Meeting the dynamic market needs emerging with digitalisation, Chaberton Partners Executive Search identifies high potentials as well as seasoned executives.


Through the previous experience of some of our Senior Partners and the continuous observation of the labour market, we are able to understand the evolutionary dynamics of the HR function and select the talents needed to allow their development within the client companies.

Our team has had the opportunity to manage numerous selection processes for the HR function of some Fortune 500 companies and has selected hundreds of HR profiles, both with functional expertise (research and selection, organizational development, talent management, training, industrial relations), as well as HR Business Partner or Divisional HR.


Business and Professional Services

Service companies realize their success through human capital. To renew their competitive advantage, they must therefore be able to attract and retain the best talents that are at the same time compatible with their internal culture.

Thanks to the experience and broad industry knowledge of our consultants, we support global companies and boutiques with offering specialization, in identifying their talent pipeline with candidates who bring specific skills and business cases, in various areas: Strategy and Management Consulting, Business Information Services, Digital and IT Services, Accounting Services including the “Big Four”.


Our Private Equity clients turn to us to identify managers who successfully turnaround struggling businesses or contribute to the further growth of successful companies in their portfolio.


The experience of our executives in the Legal division allows us to have market leadership in identifying and selecting the best partners for boutique research, structured national and international research in the following sectors: Corporate, M&A, Banking and Finance, Real estate, Litigation and Arbitration, Labour law, White Collar crime, Banking and Insurance Regulation, Antitrust, Intellectual Property and Tax. Furthermore, by meeting the needs of our best clients, Chaberton Partners Executive Search manages the selection of senior associates with the best growth potential.


Our advisors are focused on supporting organizations to develop the best operating practices of each Board of Directors.

Increasing pressure from shareholders and other stakeholders has added focus to the performance of the Board of Directors. Having an effective Board Assessment system is now essential to adapt to the growing standards of Corporate Governance. Our Board Assessment system highlights the specific characteristics of every Board of Directors, in order to identify and remove obstacles to the best performance and to enhance its strengths. Following our assessment and action plan, the BoDs improve their effectiveness in guiding management and business.

The appointment of a new member of the Board of Directors is a fundamental decision for every Board of Directors. We have worked with our clients to ensure that their BoDs have the right mix of skills and experience, in line with the strategic direction of their companies.

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