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Technological revolution and HR processes

Risorse umane, c’è un ritardo tecnologico 19 Febbraio 2018 La rivoluzione digitale stenta a entrare nella stanza del direttore risorse umane. È la conclusione alla quale si arriva leggendo un report realizzato da Adp e Idc, che Affari & Finanza pubblica in esclusiva. Gli analisti delle due...


NEET Generation: hot topic of discussion with significant differences around the world

NEET Generation: (Not Engaged in Employment Education or Training) Our CEO Christian Vasino gave an international overview at "Allenarsi per Futuro - Bosch" conference: Read the article from Il Sole 24 ore Radiocor at the link below:   Source:


Agile Organisation: some tips on how to set it up

Transforming companies to achieve organizational agility is in its early days but already yielding positive returns. While the paths can vary, survey findings suggest how to start. Rapid changes in competition, demand, technology, and regulations have made it more important than ever for organizations to be able...