Chaberton Partners SA | Values and Philosophy
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Values and Philosophy

It might be harder, it might take longer and it might require at times the choice to say “no” to an assignment that we don’t feel comfortable to take on, yet the philosophy of Chaberton Partners is and will remain that of working with clients and developing the relationship into a long-term partnership on a long-term basis and therefore to support their success over time. Chaberton Partners chooses to stand side by side  with its clients on their journey of human capital challenges that their business presents. Similarly, we take our candidates’ career to heart and will advise them first and foremost in their own interests. Both in our professional and personal lives, ethics and integrity are our modus operandi, without compromises. The following credos drive our work at Chaberton each and every day.


Needless to say, we are passionate about people. People are at the core of what we do and we carry with us a genuine interest for people, being those clients or candidates.


Committed on the service. We will ensure that every single candidate and client’s expectation is not only met but surpassed thanks to our outstanding service orientation and never ending wish to satisfy our clients and candidates.


At Chaberton we enjoy responsiveness, we are quick to comprehend and act. We are prepared to detach from the old and embrace the new, at all times and in all situations.


We listen and we listen very well. But then we ask, ask, and ask again. We inquire to understand more about the assignment, the challenge at stake, the ins and outs of a candidate.


We enjoy challenging ourselves and our clients with lateral thinking, always with an eye on the end goal. We strive constantly for new ways to satisfy our clients and place our candidates in outstanding opportunities.